"India assumes G20 presidency for 2023 for the first time in the country"

"India assumes G20 presidency for 2023 for the first time in the country"

It's immense proud for every Indian-in India or overseas-to know that this time 2023's G20 Presidency is taken on by India. It was assumed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2020 as its final summit was held virtually due to Covid-19 in Riyadh with a successful culmination. 

India took over the rotating G20 presidency from Indonesia in its summit held in Nov. 2022. India assumed the presidency at a crucial juncture where the impact of pandemic, world economy slowdown, global warming, global inflation, hike in the cost of living, increase in the price of oil & gas including Russia and Ukraine war are ongoing. 

G20 is an international forum of 20 countries including India. India kicked off its T0 on 01-Dec-2022, which marks the commencement of the G20. Our Prime Minister announced its key theme as:"One Earth, One Family, One Future". That means, to inculcate the sense of oneness amongst the members of G20 nations in particular & world in general. 

Taking over its presidency by a member nation mirrors a plaque of its pride & prestige; so also India. Knowing its importance, the Indians stamps their pride in India as well as in foreign lands. 

G20 aims for the economic cooperation & stability amongst the member countries & globe. It also focuses on the burning issues like global rising prices, poverty, terrorism, climate change, human trafficking etc. Besides, it showcases the traditional-socio-cultural vibes. India is now all set to exhibit its rich & unique cultural diversity that contained of different religious & ethnic communities.

"UNITY IN DIVERSITY" is the strong ethos of India that's conspicuously demonstrated throughout the G20 presidency. India started conducting various G20 meetings as a part of it in its various states & it will be concluded in Nov-2023 with its leaders G20 Summit. It's to be noted that around 85% of the global GDP is contributed by the G20 nations. 

Thus, India will burst with pride after witnessing a fabulous moment with the presence of the world leaders in Delhi in November-2023.

Let us wish for its successful going & conclusion.

✍️Dr. & Adv. P. A. Hameed Padubidri, KSA. 

(E-mail: pahpadubidri@gmail.com)

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