Is 'liberalism', (mentality of doing whatever one wishes to do without any check or control), which seems to be a common phenomenon in the western society, attacking on the Indian society rapidly?. That's what some of the recent growing instances makes us to think & comprehend.  

India always gives high preference in preserving & maintaining it's rich culture that stemmed mainly from high morality, religious scriptures & practices. Our Indian culture is based on plurality owing to these factors. 

The concept of uncontrolled liberalism is ever dangerous to the Indian society. Drug addictions, growing alcoholism, high rate of suicidal impulses & suicides, homosexuality, transgenders, same-sex- marriage are some of the serious outcomes that resulted from the unbridled liberalism. 

The liberalist mentalities of extreme form are on the growing line in India that posed many serious social menaces in India. It works on different level in the different forms that affects the people especially youngsters. 

A series of articles, messages, leaflets, view exchanges, seminars etc. including groups are in the real market working day & night defending these phenomena. As usual, the youngsters (boys & girls), who are not properly bred with moral edification & teachings at homes & educational institutions,  are getting rapidly attracted  towards this phenomenon.

Accordingly, they like to have sex with the same sex (homosex); not interested in heterosexual relationships (natural & moral sex between men & women); transgendering through medical procedure (changing from a born sex to adopted sex); indulgence in unnatural sex (sex with animals); extreme lust for sex with whomever they want other than their legally wedded partner; living in relationship etc. All these 'distortions' really contaminate the surrounding atmosphere & will get the adverse effects. 

Just recently, a petition was filed in the Supreme Court (SC) seeking for the 

legal sanctity of the same-sex relationship or homosex marriage. It's filed by a same-sex married couple supported by LGBTQ group, a outfit working for their own interests. 

SC listed the petition for hearing & issued a notice to the central government in this regard. The govt submitted its affidavit last week in the SC opposing the petition. The govt stated several points in the affidavit including the points that "homosexual & heterosexual relationships are not treated as the same; both relationships are different in their entirety & the former is against the nature; it can't be justified in the name of freedom & fundamental rights as it's also against the public policy. Hence, the govt requested the SC to reject the petition at once. 

The central govt also asserted that legalizing the homosex or same-sex- marriage will cause nonconformity to accepted standard of morality, social values, personal laws & public policy. SC took up the case on last Monday for the hearing. Now, the matter is in SC awaiting for the judgement. People are eagerly waiting for the SC's gracious decree in this regard. 

Anything that is perilous & amoral in nature can't be warranted to exist in the name of freedom & fundamental rights. Such warrant needs to be straight away rejected as it goes against the very nature & public policy. 

A demand by a civilized individual or group of people must conform to accepted standard of morality & public policy. That's how the freedom of choice & fundamental rights are very judiciously interpreted by the makers of the Constitution. 

The Indian govt must be appreciated & supported in this case regardless of any political, personal view towards the govt especially by all the opposition parties because if it's recognized through law today, then serious negative effect will likely to happen in India tomorrow that you & your children will be worst preys. 

Unfortunately, some political parties like Congress, Communist, TMC (including some BJP leaders) are still unsure about their stands towards this issue. Some have individually expressed their views for & against the issue. Supporting mood of such people really shows their mentality of unnatural desire for unnatural phenomena. 

Obviously, the members of the LGBTQ expressed their outrages & condemnations at the central govt for the reason that the govt objected for recognizing the homosexuality or same-sex-marriage. 

Activists of the LGBTQ community have condemned the central government's opposition to recognizing same-sex marriage. They raised their various points for the case, which seems to be inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution & broad concept of unity in diversity. Unity in diversity can't be a unity in immorality & anti-nature vibes. 

These homosexuality, transgendering, marriage between the same sex etc..are the symptoms of mental diseases rather than  the question of right or wrong in the court. 

I am very hopeful that our SC will uphold the validity  the govt's objection & will quash the petition in question in the larger interests of the society and public policy.

✍️: Dr. & Adv. P.A.Hameed Padubidri

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