Hope for #Abdulrahim’s release soon…

Hope for #Abdulrahim’s release soon…

✍🏽Dr.&Adv.PAH Padubidri

Insha’Allah, within a week or maximum before end of this month, the legal process of releasing  #Abdulrahim from the Saudi Arabian jail will be completed & he will be sent to India immediately, sources informed. 

It’s said that the Advocates of both victim family & Abdulrahim have already intimated to the court that the duo reached an agreement in this regard following the pardon proposal by the victim family in lieu of the blood money (Diyah). 

An amount of INR. 34 cr (equivalent to around SAR. 150 lakhs) was already collected through crowdfunding by an organization working for the cause of # SaveAbdulrahim from the execution. #Rahim Legal Assistance Committee has initiated this move. 

Various Kerala organizations, social workers, local individuals, philanthropists including the Indian Embassy  worked for this cause. 

The Committee reiterated that the money is likely to be transferred to the Indian External Affairs Ministry shortly for the onward transfer to the Indian Embassy in Riyadh. 

Upon instruction of the court, a bank account will be opened & cheque drawn on the concerned bank will be deposited to the court for its onward payment to the victim’s family. Once it’s done, Abdulrahim will be directed by the court to be released.

The govt offices including courts in Saudi Arabia resumed their works today after EID breaks. If everything is done as expected, it will take a week to complete & Abdulrahim is likely to be in India maximum before end of this month. 

Let us pray for the immense mercy & kindness to the victim’s family & for Abdulrahim’s smooth & expeditious release. 

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