PADUBIDRIANS' SOCIAL GALA HELD IN DUBAI...  A WhatsApp-turned-Offline Group in UAE


Nowadays, the WhatsApp users humourously calls any forwarded message, image, picture as messages from 'WhatsApp University' because of its fake or untrue nature. 

Despite that, most of the messages-geneuine or fake-are presently spread via WhatsApp & it gives immediate & fast news to the users although all the news are, sometimes, not untrue. 

Often, we see that some lengthy positive discussions & debates done for some good reasons either in groups or in individual platforms turns out to be offline organization outside the WhatsApp University. Subsequently, it benefited a lot to the community & society. 

It's one of the instances that a WhatsApp group created just a month back by an NRI Businessman, P.A.MutthalibPadubidri gave a birth of socio-cultural association in UAE. The objective of this association is to bring all Padubidrians in different parts of UAE under one platform & to do good for the community. 

The group was first created on 10-Feb-2023 by the NRI Businessman. The Padubidrians in UAE who were not-except few-known each other, came to contact through this WhatsApp group. Within few days of the group's creation, more than 35 people became active members & became known each other at once. 

After thorough discussions with the senior compatriots, it's decided that all the members to get together at a place. As a result, a social gala was organized by P.A.Mutthalib inviting all the group members at Mushrif Park in Dubai recently. 

Senior members included of Khalid, Usman Haji, Asif, P.A.Muthalib, Ayaz, Iqbal and Basheer including Haji P.A.Rahiman were present on the occasion. They discussed about an action plan to take up certain community works in the days to come. Community services initially for the people of Padubidri is the core objective of their group. An adhoc committee was also formed to implement the group's aims & objectives as follows: 

President: P.A.Muthalib Padubidri

Vice President: Hidayathullah 

General Secretary : Mazin 

Joint Secretary: P.M. Basheer 

Treasurer:  Ayaz Melangadi

Joint Treasurer: Qayyum Bengre

Asif addressed the gathering while Usman Haji  gave valuable suggestions.

Haji P.A.Rahiman gave his experienced advices. Haris, Azam, Anish, Rizwan & Zayid & others have actively participated in the discussions. 

Dinner was served after the conclusion of the meet. Some members with their families were also present in the gathering.

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