An Indian Expat set free from Jail in Saudi Arabia…

An Indian Expat set free from Jail in Saudi Arabia…

An Indian expat, hailing from Dakshina Kannada District in Karnataka State, who has been detained in Jeddah jail on an alleged cyber case, was set free recently. Thanks to God, he is allowed to continue his work in the same company. 

The Mangalorean, aged 49, has been working for a Maintenance company in Jeddah since more than 13 years. He is named for his efficiency & sincerity in the company with good experience in his field of work. 

As informed, his company usually assigned him on duty in Jeddah sea port to take the delivery of the goods consigned to his company. As a part of his duty, he normally takes pictures of the goods before the transportation. He did the same in February 2023 too. 

The security personnel informed the police about his act that amounts to be a violation of the port security rule. He was unaware of the rule as he was doing it normally in the port during the release of the goods. Since then, he was detained by the police on the charge of photographing inside the port premises. After more than 6 months detention, he has been released & allowed to work in the same company. 

Dr. & Adv. P.A. HameedPadubidri, pro-bono lawyer & social worker based in Riyadh, extended his socio-humanitarian help in this case upon the request of his family & relatives. 

He actively involved trying to set him free from the jail on humanitarian grounds with the coordination & help of the Consulate General of India (CGI) Jeddah. The CGI keenly followed up the case with the concerned Saudi authorities. Finally, he was released from the jail recently & shared his happiness with his family & thanked good samaritans including the CGI and Lawyer P.A.Hameed. His brother based in Jeddah was constantly pursuing the case.

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