“Tragic Electrocutions highlight Urgent Need for Accountability & Preventive Measures"

“Tragic Electrocutions highlight Urgent Need for Accountability & Preventive Measures"

As we are all aware, three individuals—two rickshaw drivers and a lady—tragically lost their lives due to electrocution in Mangaluru and Belthangady a couple of days ago and yesterday (28/06/2024) respectively. Both incidents were strikingly similar and critical, as the victims came into contact with live electrical wires lying on the ground.

These unfortunate incidents have sent shockwaves and raised serious concerns in DK district about the safety measures in place and the accountability of the responsible officials & authorities. 

I knew that the victims in Mangaluru succumbed to their injuries after coming into contact with a live wire on the ground. Additionally, an electric current insulator that fell into a trench claimed the life of a lady in Belthangady while she was just a few meters away from her home to pick up an online parcel. Luckily, her father, who attempted to rescue her, survived with electrical shock injuries.

These incidents are truly shocking and highlight the sheer negligence and recklessness of the concerned authorities & officials. The tragedies could have been averted if proper and necessary safety measures had been taken, particularly in response to local complaints about exposed wires and poor maintenance.

The MESCOM officials in the district should be held accountable & identified as the key authorities who were derelict for ensuring public safety through the maintenance and operation of electrical infrastructure. There was no any reason for them to ignore local complaints about exposed wires and faulty electrical setups.

The City Corporation and other civic bodies also cannot evade their responsibilities in ensuring the safety and security of the public within their jurisdictions. They must coordinate with MESCOM, especially during the rainy season, to address such issues proactively.

The District Administration and Police Department also needs to take a proactive stance and respond promptly to emergencies. Any delay in response and lack of proactive measures can lead to such tragic incidents.

It’s of no use to release statements expressing deep condolences after such incidents and committing to future investigations and prevention. 

The concrete actions like regular inspections & maintenance of electrical installations, integration of advanced solutions to the existing installations, enhanced safety measures with warning signs & barriers around high-risk areas, holding negligent officials accountable and penalizing for lapses in safety protocols etc. are needed to take. 

Furthermore, the District Administration should take suo moto action to issue orders to property owners to cut down large trees posing safety threats to themselves or the others in neighborhoods. They should also enforce strict regulations on owners and builders to ensure the safety of lives and buildings in the vicinity during the construction of high-rise buildings in the city.

The concerned authorities’ immediate attention and action on these matters are crucial to prevent further tragedies and ensure public safety.

✍🏽Dr. & Adv. P.A.HameedPadubidri [Pro-bono Lawyer, Social Worker & Dr. APJ AbdulKalam Peace Awardee]

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